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Застраховка, от която се нуждаете, с условия, които ще ви харесат

Осигурете си спокойствие с нашата достъпна застраховка за вашите камиони, товари и шофьори.

Научете повече

По-добра застраховка с Eurowag

Не е необходимо да имате голям автопарк, за да сключите изгодна сделка.
Позволете ни да договорим изгодна цена за вас, независимо дали имате един или сто камиона.
Изгодни цени в комплект с пакети за пътна помощ
Net Invoicing
Бързи и справедливи искове
5 Weeks of Holiday
Индивидуални застрахователни планове - плащате само за това, което ви е необходимо
Застраховка за цялата компания или за отделен шофьор


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    Drive with confidence with our roadside assistance for crashes or breakdowns.
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    Stable prices that won't skyrocket year after year.
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    Easy policy setup and even easier reimbursements.

CMR Insurance

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    Fair prices for fleets of all sizes.
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    Get quick coverage based on your turnover and rapid payout for claims up to 3 000 EUR.
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    Save on insurance thanks to our expert market knowledge. We will settle your policy with our partner SATUM based on your individual needs, so you won´t pay more than you have to.
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    Only pay for what your business needs with our tailor-made policies.

How does it work?

Call us to discuss your needs
We will negotiate a plan with our broker
You receive an offer from our broker

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer other insurance products besides mandatory MTPL insurance with CASCO?

Yes, we are able to offer complex insurance services through our partner, including insurance products outside the transport segment. Contact us for more details.

Why should I get insurance through Eurowag, and not directly from your partner?

When you order insurance through Eurowag, you are able to take advantage of our strong connections in the market and the size of our company. We can realize economies of scale that translate into better prices and services for you.

How do your insurance products differ from the competition?

Besides excellent prices and coverage, we are also able to offer some exclusive benefits for our customers. Insurance through Eurowag covers events due to gross negligence of the driver or alcohol in the driver's system, which other competitors do not offer.

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